Innovative solutions and new technologies that can tackle the challenges of climate change were a key issue in various documentaries, corporate and commercials at the 7th edition of the Deauville Green Awards. This year’s motto was dedicated to the subject of water which should be also a human right. The shocking film Secos by Galut Alarcon shows what it means if people have no access to drinkable water. Chile is the only country in the world that has privatized its water in favor of agricultural exports and mines.  The consequences are devastating for the local economies as well as for the environment. The daily dryness led to a hydro crisis.

The teaser of the movie SECOS which was awarded:


A strong message is also delivered in the Grand Prix-winning commercial Et si la gravité n’existait pas? that Olivier Fraysse produced for the city of Toulouse that has to deal with 40 tons of waste every day.


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