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Prize for revolutionary projects at Paris Moonshot 2040!

Flying car, space elevator, pollution vacuum cleaner, clothing without fabric, zero waste solutions ...
Your project will change the world in a sustainable way?
Spread the word by participating in the Moonshot 2040 category of the 2018 Grands Prix de l'Innovation!
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Paris & Co, Aéroports de Paris and Atelier BNP Paribas reward the most ambitious projects at the origin of the city of tomorrow. Engaged in societal challenges, they rethink the life experience in 2040. They carry forward-looking projects for a decarbonized, sustainable city, where the environment and the human are priorities.The winner will receive an endowment of 12 000 €!
To participate in this great contest of innovative projects, complete your application before October 10 for the category Moonshot 2040)

on www.greatprixinnovation.paris.


Participate to Acceleration Program by Paris&Co

Paris&Co launches a new call for applications for the next session of Paris Landing Pack_Explore,a business acceleration program organized by Paris&Co.!
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Foreign-based startups looking to expand into the French market are invited to apply. This 1 month program will take place in October 2018.
It will provide selected startups with a complete set of workshops on how to do business in France. It will give entrepreneurs the opportunity to validate their solution on the French market and explore business opportunities in Paris
More info : here

Greek team participates to the finals of Microsoft Cup

At the global finals of the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2018 student contest, participates the Greek iCry2Talk team which offers an innovative application that deciphers the cry of the baby, giving answers to basic parents questions for the first time.

The team, along with 20 more teams from around the world, will travel to Seattle in July, claiming cash prizes worth up to $ 100,000 in the world's finals and a unique mentoring session with Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO.

The iCry2Talk team of the Signal Processing and Biomedical Engineering Laboratory of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (AUTH) created an innovative application using Deep Machine Learning Deep Mechanical Learning techniques to translate baby crying into speech.

Read this Newsbeast article to know more
Go on the website of the team https://icry2talk.azurewebsites.net/

French Swiss Skipper attempting to achieve the record for crossing Mediterrannean sea

 Already several tens of miles traveled ...

Yvan & Mathis crossed the starting line officially at 14 h 34 and 52 seconds on Monday and have already completed more than 45 miles on the course [ approx 90 km].  Contrary to the weather forecasts announcing a wind of West sector, Yvan & Mathis receive a flow of Southwest sector which forces them an edge upwind, limiting their ability to advance quickly. The crew too weak weather system on the South-East of Marseille. Now the Nacra F20 spins at an average speed of 13 knots, more in line with the goal to claim to break the record. The next hours will be the most decisive for Yvan & Mathis, they must continue to accelerate and push a little more the limits of the boat, but also theirs ...
Follow in minute by minute their progress on the site and on the networks # MYBourgnon2018
You can track the boat here