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Opening of Bluegrowth Competition

5th Edition of Bluegrowth Piraeus Competition to come
You have an innovative idea related to the blue economy? Submit your proposal for the 5th Bluegrowth Piraeus Competition.
"Blue Growth is an umbrella of actions to promote business ideas relating to the local sea and aquatic resources through environmental & economic approach"
Its aims is to inspire and support startups with innovative ideas relating to the blue economy, including shipping, tourism, fisheries, and the marine ecosystem. With the Bluegrowth Competition, teams with sustainable projects present their proposals some of them are then selected ones join the “incubation” program of Bluegrowth, building a strong foundation to entry the business world.
Register here before October: http://www.bluegrowth.gr/register/
Bluegrowth website: http://www.bluegrowth.gr/

Parisian creative industry incubator is welcoming you!

LINCC, Paris&Co Creative Industry show on September 27th
Paris &Co, one of the biggest Parisian incubator and its specific creative industry incubator LINCC are hosting a show with all the new startups in the field of creative industries.
On the menu: a pitch session with accelerated projects since March 2018, a cocktail sessions with 43 supported startups and a debate on the new use of social media.

Subscribe as soon as now! here

Equimov, a French startup which facilitates travelling with your horse

Equimov, a startup helping equestrian centers
The startup Equimov, dedicated to the accommodation and movement of riders with their horse, has just announced a fundraising 750,000 euros.

Present in 11 countries, the start-up supported by French sports incubator Le Tremplin since 2017, facilitates the life of riders who travel with their horse. It allows equestrian centers to generate more income.

Launched in January 2017, the platform now lists more than 1,500 stables in 11 European countries.

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Best City Award at Bousias Conference

Your city is innovative? Apply for Best City Award
Best City Awards 2018
Mayors and Municipal Authorities can apply to Bousias Conference "Best City Award 2018" until September 27th by clicling here. 
Do you answer positively to any of the following questions:
• Are you saving energy and have you succeeded in reducing the environmental footprint of your city?  • Have you adopted technologies or applications that make your city "smart"?  • Do you have solutions that contribute to the better functioning of cities and improve their quality of life?  • Do you contribute ICT to broadband, smart infrastructure and sustainable urban development?  • Have you implemented projects that are helping people live safely?  • Are you implementing innovations that transform your city into a viable city?
Then do not hesitate, now is the time to show off your projects!

More information here

Bodossakis Foundation promotes civil society Initiatives

A film bringing to light citizens projects
"We are all Citizens” is a documentary movie launched by the Bodossaki Foundation, fund operator of the EEA Grants NGO Programme for Greece (funding period: 2009 – 2014).

The movie focuses on the valuable role of a healthy, vibrant and dynamic civil society, the potential of active citizens participation and the promotion of human and minority rights. Through personal stories of the programme’s heroes, people who have either worked with socially vulnerable groups or have benefited from the NGO services provided via the programme, this movie is a lasting legacy of the contribution of the EEA Grants to the empowerment of civil society in Greece.

Duration: 42 minutes
Production Company: TopCut Modiano
Director: Panos Thomaidis

Social Dynamo, Foundation's NGO hub

Social Dynamo is a space for civil society capacity building, offering learning opportunities, professional support and networking to NGOs and groups of active citizens. It is a collaborative initiative between the Bodossaki Foundation and the City of Athens Municipality SynAthina team, based on their common vision of the importance of supporting active citizens and civil society initiatives. It consists of a both physical space in the centre of Athens and a virtual space, dedicated to developing the potential of NGOs and informal civil society groups.
On Bodossakis website: https://www.bodossaki.gr/en/initiatives/social-dynamo/

Prepare for Crowdhackathon#fintech 3.0 in November 2018 !

The third cycle of the fintech business acceleration program is in preparation for November!
National Bank of Greece (NBG), in collaboration with Crowdpolicy technology and with the support of ecosystem operators and major companies, is organizing a 3 day Hackathon in November.
The winners will then have the opportunity to participate to the business acceleration program called" be finnovative".
Students, professionals, business executives and, more generally, anyone who wants to develop their #fintech application, concept or methodology into a sustainable business model with the prospect of succeeding in the Greek market can participate
Examples of eligible conceptsautomated customer care systems (bots), mobile payments, blockchains, Artificial Intelligence (AI) e-commerce, ticketing, marketplaces, e-invoicing, loyalty platforms, crowdfunding, banking APIs, trading platforms, large data analysis, etc. roboadvisors, customer service bots) and P2P / P2B payments.
Schedule and steps
From June 2018, the interest form for the acceleration program will be finnovative.
From September 2018, the official call for applications will be sent to Crowdhackathon #fintech 3.0.
In October 2018, open day preparation and information on Crowdhackathon Acceleration Program.
At the end of November 2018 Crowdhackathon #fintech 3.0 will be held for three days.
In January 2018, the third circle "be finnovative" Program starts.

Site ενημέρωσης: http://befinnovative.comΣελίδα στο facebook https://www.facebook.com/befinnovative/Φόρμα επικοινωνίας http://befinnovative.com/el/contactEmail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Opening of "La Cité Fertile" Experimentation Space in Paris!!

Are you visting Paris this fall?
The Fertile City is a new territory of experiments, celebrations and meetings. This space-time conducive to collective fertilization brings us together to imagine and build a happy and lasting future.
La Cité Fertile project is making the transition from the old train station to the future eco-district of Pantin.
Every week from 15/08 to 14/10, La Cité Fertile invites you to explore a theme in the company of committed actors for a better city.
Are you visiting Paris this summer?

From 15/08 to 19/08: "Régalades" Drink and eat ultra local 🍻🍹🍅🌭
"It's the time of love, the time of friends and adventure ..."
The hour of our first exchanges around good beers and large tables. As a little taste of holidays on the green lands of Pantin!
On facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/320232621849990/

Prize for revolutionary projects at Paris Moonshot 2040!

Flying car, space elevator, pollution vacuum cleaner, clothing without fabric, zero waste solutions ...
Your project will change the world in a sustainable way?
Spread the word by participating in the Moonshot 2040 category of the 2018 Grands Prix de l'Innovation!
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Paris & Co, Aéroports de Paris and Atelier BNP Paribas reward the most ambitious projects at the origin of the city of tomorrow. Engaged in societal challenges, they rethink the life experience in 2040. They carry forward-looking projects for a decarbonized, sustainable city, where the environment and the human are priorities.The winner will receive an endowment of 12 000 €!
To participate in this great contest of innovative projects, complete your application before October 10 for the category Moonshot 2040)

on www.greatprixinnovation.paris.


Participate to Acceleration Program by Paris&Co

Paris&Co launches a new call for applications for the next session of Paris Landing Pack_Explore,a business acceleration program organized by Paris&Co.!
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Foreign-based startups looking to expand into the French market are invited to apply. This 1 month program will take place in October 2018.
It will provide selected startups with a complete set of workshops on how to do business in France. It will give entrepreneurs the opportunity to validate their solution on the French market and explore business opportunities in Paris
More info : here

Greek team participates to the finals of Microsoft Cup

At the global finals of the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2018 student contest, participates the Greek iCry2Talk team which offers an innovative application that deciphers the cry of the baby, giving answers to basic parents questions for the first time.

The team, along with 20 more teams from around the world, will travel to Seattle in July, claiming cash prizes worth up to $ 100,000 in the world's finals and a unique mentoring session with Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO.

The iCry2Talk team of the Signal Processing and Biomedical Engineering Laboratory of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (AUTH) created an innovative application using Deep Machine Learning Deep Mechanical Learning techniques to translate baby crying into speech.

Read this Newsbeast article to know more
Go on the website of the team https://icry2talk.azurewebsites.net/


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