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Play a part in "Make our Planet Great Again"

Make our planet Great again, launch of 4 grant programs

Launched on June 2nd 2017 by the President of French Republic,                                                                   the initiative "Make Our Planet Great Again" enters a 2nd phase: after long stay research grants,  4 new grant programs are open to students, as well as doctoral and post-doctoral ones and researchers from the whole world. They are financed by the Departments of Foreign Affairs and of High Education, Research and Innovation of France (MEAE and MESRI).

There are 3 main research fields:
1. Earth Science System 
2. Climate Change and Sustainability Science
3. Energy Transition
The 4 grant programs starting in 2018 are:
during 2 years of Masters or 1 year of Masters 2 starting in fall 2018, for about 1060€/month.
for 3 years thesis.
You may apply from March 12th to April 6th 2018 on (except for the 3 years doctoral contracts for which you may apply from June 4th 2018 on). 
For more information:  Make Our Planet Great Again website.

Grants for Young Researchers 2018

In order to initiate and reinforce High level Scientific Cooperations, these grants are dedicated to post-doctorate research. They last from 1 to 4 months and allow young greek researchers to carry out researchs in french laboratories (connected to higher education institutions, research bodies or private companies).  

These grants concern research fields from the Strategic Partnership between France and Greece. Priority access is given to the members of Mazinnov network. High priority research fields include : IT, Energy & Environment, Agronomy & Agribusiness, biotechnologies, materials, space and aviation. 

Program rules for the grants and the call for applications are avalaible here

Imagine the Greece of tomorrow

You have an idea to imagine the Greece of tomorrow?
Is it on one of the following topics: Agriculture, Tourism, Environment, Energy, Reform of the State, Shipping, Finance, Handicap, the place of art in the workplace?




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Paris Living City Awards

Startups! Have you got an amazing project containing a strong innovative aspect? A strong citizen-centric focus?

Organized by Paris&Co, The Grand Prizes of Innovation of the city of Paris support innovative companies in high-growth sectors, and reward those contributing

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Adopt a startup

French and Greek companies will adopt startups even at their early stage, offering them their support (providing advices, networking, and development assistance).




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Launch of StartHer Awards

StartHer, a non-profit organization that supports women in technology and entrepreneurship, is pleased to launch the StartHer Awards, Europe’s biggest competition for female-founded startups. In partnership with MasterCard and RCI Bank and Services, the event is set to take place in Paris on October 19th at new startup mega campus Station F.



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You want to be supported for your young company’s development?
The “Jeune Pousse” program is recruiting its 2017’s team.

2016 was a busy year for this program: helping 118 projects.

In 2017, SNCF Developpment carries on its action for employment and innovation by renewing its call for applications.

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